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Our Team

IMG 1956Dr. Péter Solymosi head doctor

I graduated from Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry, in Budapest in 1978. As a father of two, I applied for a place where my family would get official residence. I started practising as a dentist in the village of Ács, and acted as a substitute in Bábolna at the same time. In 1980 we moved to Bábolna and I continued to work there. 1985 was a turning point in my career, as, at the age of 31, I was appointed hospital superintendent of the new outpatient clinic established by the Bábolna Agricultural Integrated Factory.

At the time of the political transformation of 1989, I thought of setting up my own multi-chair surgery as a private entrepreneur, exploiting the experience I gained in Bábolna. I had already opened my private practice in Győr in 1988.

In 1991, with the purchase of the detached house in Kálvária Street in Győr, Solydent Ltd. was launched. More and more patients visited my dental surgery and from July 1992 I worked excusively in the 3-chair Solydent Surgery.

In 1995 we erected the new building of Solydent Surgery housing 9 treating rooms and a small dental laboratory with two dental technicians. In this year the firm added another service; we built four apartements in the attic, exclusively for our patients. This was necessary for the welfare and comfort of the patients. In those days it was still difficult to find suitable accommodation in Győr. These two steps – creating the dental laboratory and the apartements – led to the establishment of the subsidiary, Helen-Dent Ltd.

In the summer of 1997, the new dental laboratory of Solydent started operating. With the most modern technical equipment, the laboratory and its staff of 12 have been providing us with a complete dental technical background.

In 1998, to offer better accommodation, we built a three-star hotel with 19 rooms, which was enlarged with a four-star hotel, a restaurant and a conference hall in 2002.

In 2010, our services were extended with a spa, a bar and a pavilion holding 150 people for special events.

The three main areas of our activity are providing dental treatment, dental technical works and accommodation.

The firm views the fulfilment of the three principles of “excellent quality – affordable price – precise work” as a mission. Solydent Ltd. wishes to meet these expectations. We are able to ensure it by up-to-date, regular professional training and the continuous improvement of the machinery. We follow the results of the latest dental research and the appearance of new machines and appliances with attention, and purchase the latter among the first to try and keep up with the expectations of our age.

Our Dentists

Dr. Solymosi Tünde Dr. Csapó Zoltán Dr. Bérczi Balázs Dr. Kiss Ádám
Dr. Lux Erzsébet dr pinter andrasDr. Pintér András Dr. Kiss Bence dr nemeth boglarkaDr. Németh Boglárka
dr bicskei petraDr. Bicskei Petra Dr. Kiss Kata Dr. Mészáros Katalin Dr. Kozma Eszter Réka
Dr. Bátorfi Árpád

Our assistants

IMG 7530Assistant IMG 9841Assistant IMG 5444Assistant IMG 9857Assistant
IMG 7514Assistant IMG 7607Assistant IMG 9854Assistant IMG 7602Assistant
IMG 7521Assistant IMG 7518Assistant IMG 7526Assistant IMG 7595Assistant
IMG 9846Assistant IMG 7514Assistant IMG 0211kAssistant asszisztens1Assistant
asszisztens2Assistant IMG 0211kAssistant IMG 0211kAssistant IMG 7516Assistant
IMG 7514Assistentin

Our economic workers

Gazdasági vezetőFinancial manager
Gazdasági munkatársFinancial assistant
Gazdasági munkatársFinancial assistant

Our receptionists

Rezeptionist Rezeptionist Rezeptionist Rezeptionist

Our dental technicians

CRW 5160Head of Laboratory IMG 0278kHead of Laboratory CRW 5158Dental technician IMG 7405Dental technician
CRW 5175Dental technician CRW 5177Dental technician CRW 5171DDental technician fogtechnikusDental technician
fogtechnikus1Dental technician fogtechnikus4Dental technician fogtechnikus4Dental technician